Professor Teaches Word 2010 Advanced

Professor Teaches Word 2010 Advanced is a computer learning course developed by experts to teach you all the advanced functions of Microsoft Word 2010, the newest version of the best-selling word processor program. Professor Teaches provides hours of interactive lessons in a realistic simulation of the Microsoft Word 2010 program. Download the product and start learning advanced Microsoft Word 2010 today!

Learn Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced tutorials
Practical exercises and examples make learning easy and step-by-step interactions help you retain the information you've learned.
  Advanced Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced tutorials and guides
Self-paced, interactive lessons allow you to practice in a realistic simulation of Microsoft Word 2010.

What is Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced?

Microsoft Word 2010 is the latest version of the popular word processing software. It is part of the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite of software programs. There are several new features and improvements over the previous edition including better collaboration tools.

What are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced?

  • Learn a new computer skill that many employers look for in their job applicants
  • Use it to develop group projects for your class. Microsoft Word 2010's features make online collaboration easier and faster
  • Write a professional-looking report, poem, short story or project plan with Microsoft Word 2010's document creating tools

What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Word 2010 Advanced

 Our extensive computer training course will cover the following topics:
• Apply Custom Styles to Documents
• Organize Long Documents
• Manage Tables, Pictures, and Charts
• Learn How to Use Mail Merge
• Work with Macros, Forms, and Hyperlinks
• Collaborate with Workgroups

   View the Microsoft Word 2010 Advanced Course Outline     

• Practice in a Realistic Simulation of the Software
• Hundreds of Learning Topics
• 4 to 8 Hours of Training per Course
• Realistic Simulations
• Beginner to Advanced Topics
• Self-Paced Learning Objectives
• Introductions and Summaries
• Interactive Exercises
• Professional Voice Narration
• End-of-Chapter Quiz Questions
• Checkmarks for Completed Topics
• Glossary, Index, and Search
• Professor Answers for Instant Training
• Microsoft Access 2010
• Microsoft Excel 2010
• Microsoft Outlook 2010
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
• Microsoft Publisher 2010
• Microsoft Word 2010

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